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Gods Own Junkyard
Unit 12
Ravenswood Industrial Estate
Shernhall Street
E17 9HQ

Link to MAP

Directions from Walthamstow Central to Gods Own Junkyard

Access to GODS OWN JUNKYARD AFTER 6pm Fri/Sat/Sun
BY CAR: via the estate entrance gates Shernhall Street.
By FOOT: Both pedestrian gates open from Shernhall Street and Summit Road.

You are all so amazing, never realised how everyone felt.
I've set up a Just Giving site for donations to Prostate Cancer UK to help other blokes like me.
If you feel you want to please go to https://www.justgiving.com/ChristopherBracey/ and thanks for all the love. x

Hire a Neon Sign from Gods Own Junkyard - Neon, LED, Lightboxes and Prop Signs!
360 Degree View of Gods Own Junkyard - Amazing!

Actual Gods own junkyard

Chris Bracey has been the Neon Man for 37 years creating iconic artpieces for David la chappelle,
Martin Creed etc. With a cult following in London and Los Angeles.
New & used neon fantasies, salvaged signs, reclaimed neon signs, old movie props and retro displays.
Neon art made from found objects, retrieved and renewed waste and lights.
Fairground & circus lighting, architectural sign salvage. Led & cold cathode luxury products.
Designers & makers of all things with light.

Chris has made, installed and collected signs that have appeared behind
some of the greatest stars. Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut, Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate
Factory, Jack Nicholson in Batman are just a few that have appeared alongside the collection. When
the film is rapped neons are discarded like yesterdays newspapers, unwanted, unloved. Chris has
collected these neon and bulb icons and salvages old neons and architectural advertising from the
streets before they disappear forever. Repaired and resurrected, coupled with quirky art and powered
up to shine like jewels of light. Icons in their own right, Gods own junk yard where neon never dies.

Dynamo was at Godsownjunkyard! Watch the Neon Bulb Magic.

Valspar Colour Ambassador, Gods Own Junkyard